Red Lipstick Woman
When a girl wants to look her best she should consult another girl who can advise her on her make-up and other nice things in life. Being that I owned a woman's shop I can help you one on on in advising you and directing you to the proper websites and carefully looking at the photos you send me and help you achieve the look you are after. Yes I do charge a fee for my services and those can be discussed in an email or if I get to know you in a private phone call. After all I am in the business of owning this website and fees are on a sliding scale as to what you can afford and your individual circumstances. I am not a financial Mistress but I am a business woman and I want the best for each and every girl I encounter so she can succeed. If you would like to know more please send me a message on the contact page and don't just ask about fees tell  me a little bit about you. Do not send me photos of what is under your knickers or skirt as those will not be recognized instead after proper introduction and a response from me you can send a lovely photo of you dolled up.
I offer a free first time fifteen minute evaluation of your photos for tips and observations of what you are trying to achieve. Please do not send nudity or what is under your skirt. Please send a head shot and full clothing shot and no more than five photos. If you truly want to be who you want to be you will respect that. All photos are stored in a safe secure site on my computer unless you request that they be immediately be removed after evaluation. I do not share nor show them to anyone but look at them myself. Please value my time as your time too and if you ask me to look at them send me an email with them and when I have time I will do the evaluation usually within 48 hours or if it is going to be later I will let you know. Don't be shy. Every girl is beautiful. Any anatomy below the waist that is shown and you know what I mean will not be evaluated and ignored.