Red Lipstick Woman


I never expect my visitors or members to donate to the site unless you are advertising an e-bay item or items on my  face book for networking.  There are no fees as of now for that but I needed to put that in writing  if I find that I do have to charge in the future and of course it will be a small minute fee of girls putting a listing up. I don't want this to be an expensive site but more of a networking page for my girls. This page is also for donations or tokens if you have attended a one on one consultation with me. If you feel like you have gained some knowledge or advice from our emails a small donation is nice but not always expected.
If you are an advertiser we can talk but I must see what your site is and that it is complimentary to my ladies and the company.
 If you like my site and want to donate a buck or two that would be appreciated but never expected. All donations that are given   are put back into maintaining the site for web page fees and other incidentals of  advertising  and if you need a receipt I will mail you one or email you one. Thank you.

Mistress Caroline