Red Lipstick Woman

Welcome To My Website

My name is Mistress Caroline and welcome to my website. This is a safe and friendly place to look around and be who you are. A little bit about me. I used to have my own clothing store several years ago and I always welcomed in my "special" girls who were cross-dressers/sissy, transgender and every walk of life. I truly miss those days and I decided to open back up a site so that my girls of all kinds have eventually a place to meet, network or come to me for advice. I value each and every person that has walked in my life and hold a special place for those who want to be who they want to be. Someone asked if this is a fee to see site. Well no I eventually want a place where you can exchange clothing, network and if you need that extra touch with moving forward in your life that is where I can guide you one on one. I am a real girl who knows what a girl needs to look like and act like and I can teach you those things if you desire. Drop me a line and I will be listing things I find gently worn or new with links soon so you can have an affordable wardrobe and  there is also  a page for shopping new things. I can mentor you on a case to case basis or just accept your friendship. Thank you for being patient.

Mistress Caroline